So, Who am I?


Just a girl named Dre, venturing abroad.

Words aren’t really my strong suit, but I’d like to think travel is, so bear with me please! I swear I’m kinda funny & weird I’m absolutely positive this blog is going to be an (un)healthy mix of both.

I’ll be spending the next year abroad with Remote Year visiting 12 cities in 10 different countries. Things are about to get crazy & I’m pretty psyched to have you follow the a(dre)ventures (wow, I’m gonna get lame real fast).

Likes: giraffes, sour patch kids, popcorn, smush-faced dogs (especially my smush, Olive), sprinkles, design, the hour of pink sky right after a sunset, wine & a ton of other things I’m probably forgetting while being put on the spot writing this.

If you’re not fully tired of my ramblings on here just yet, follow me some more on other forms of social media:

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  • twitter: @andreadesiree